Hidden Valley Community Association

Hidden Valley Community Association
“Pride & Heritage”

Our Hidden Valley’s legacy as a vibrant community began in 1959 and since then thousands of residents have continually cultivated a rich history interwoven with layers of resiliency and significance; and, a storied character of endurance and vision that perpetually highlight Hidden Valley’s heritage.

Our mission is to consistently partner with the community and community organizations to help facilitate community-driven programs and contexts that benefit the community at large; and in particular, marginalized, underserved, and special populations within The Valley!

The success of HVCA’s efforts to champion community development on the behalf of Hidden Valley will continue to progressively evolve as residents, businesses, and like-minded community partners collaboratively unite together as one voice on the behalf of our phenomenal community!

Marjorie Parker, President 704-819-2028
George Johnson, Vice President
Antonette Love, Recording Secretary
Grover Flood, Treasurer
Charlene Henderson, Communications Liaison

Standing Committee Chairs: 
Era Johnson-Code Enforcement Chair
Ida Dunston-Membership Chair
Arie Miles-Beautification Chair 
Herb Singleton-Hospitality Chair

To contact any member of the HVCA Board email: hiddenvalleycommunications@gmail.com

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